Learn To Sell Beats Online

If you are looking how to effectively sell rap beats and hip hop beats online, there are many ways of going about doing this. Selling beats online is the fastest way to get your music to the mass of rap artists who are looking to buy beats online. Knowing how to sell your music is not very complicated but can be very time consuming if you don't know which places are the most effective for selling your beats online. I have been selling beats online for a number of years and was one of the first hip hop producers to start utlilizing this resource. Now there are hundreds and hundreds of websites that you can go to and sell your beats online if you don't have your own website to sell beats on.

The first website that I recommend is http://www.soundclick.com because they have been giving rap producers exposure for a number of years and get plenty of traffic to their site. To sell your beats on their site you can either open a free basic membership or you can pay a monthly fee for a VIP account that gives you more features and advantages to sell your rap beats online.

The next site that I recommend is http://www.rocbattle.com and this site is run by a platinum artist producer who has produced hits for many well know artists. The good part about his site is that you can be an exclusive member for only $6.95 per month and get all of the commission for your beats compared to some of the other sites who will take a certain part of your sales. If you don't have the money to buy an exclusive membership, they do offer a free basic membership but the commission structure isn't that bad either. You might want to start selling your beats there with a free membership and once you start making some sales, update your status to exclusive.

If you want to learn all the ends and outs of selling rap beats and have $10 to invest, You can go to http://www.fattraks.com/sell_rap_beats.htm and download a great ebook for only $9.95 which will show you how to sell your rap beats online across all of the major search engines as well as the rap beat sites that are available....

Roc One http://www.fattraks.com

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